After your Session: Choosing Your Favorite Images

Once your headshot session is over, what happens next?

We’ll edit through your images, culling out the duplicates or images with obvious issues like closed eyes or flash misfires.   Depending on your package, we may end up with anywhere from 10-50 edited images .   These are lightly toned, cropped and uploaded to our online photo archive.   This process may take up to two business days.

You’ll soon get an email with a unique link to your custom image proofing gallery.  These are not your finalized images; once you choose your favorites and let us know, we’ll professionally retouch and return your images to you as an electronic download.

Each image has a unique filename.  Typically this includes the name of the person being photographed followed by a two-digit sequence number.   Just email us with the sequence number of each image you’d like to have retouched for you, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Within two business days, you’ll have your finalized, high-resolution image files delivered to you via electronic download.