Simple posing tips to make your headshots amazing

Professional models know the secret already:  amazing portraits have very little to do with physical looks.  Obviously, shapes and sizes vary, and not everyone comes equipped with supermodel proportions.  But everyone has a little bit of ‘model’ inside.   It just take a little coaxing and coaching to help that model make an appearance. If […]

—Don M., Environmental Consultant

“Fitzgerald Photo made my photo shoot a very pleasant experience. Brian has a way of making each situation fun while maintaining a level of professionalism. The results far exceeded my expectations and they even received the “mothers seal of approval.” What else can you ask for? I look forward to working with Brian in the […]

—Adi P., Marketing Professional

Brian is very easy going but professional. Things went smoothly and I came away with really good shots. I’m sure anyone would be comfortable having their headshots taken with Brian. —Adi P., Lakeside Marketing Solutions

—Tim W., Model

“Working with Brian has been a pleasure. He was very concerned with getting the shots/looks that I wanted. He is easy going, and a good person. If you have the opportunity to work with Brian, you are getting the best.”

—Scott W., Financial Planner

“The process of sitting in front of a camera is a very uncomfortable thought for me. Brian made it a very easy process to go through and my anxiety level was reduced fairly quickly. I don’t think that many others could’ve gotten me as comfortable as I was during the shoot, so that was very […]

Your headshot background says plenty about you and your brand

When people come to the studio for headshots, they are usually focused on themselves and how they’ll look in the images we produce. Very few have a strong opinion about what kind of background their photo should have. Often they don’t realize the key role played by a background in even a simple head-and-shoulders image. […]

Professional hair and makeup matters

A common question I get here in the studio is, ‘Do you recommend professional hair and makeup services?”  I do. Obviously, these services are not required, and I can do a great job with lighting, posing and even post-production that will help you look your best. However, I still recommend hair and makeup–whether done here […]

—Andrea P., Realtor

“Thank you for your time and effort in producing my headshot.  I could not be any happier and would gladly recommend you to anyone.  I hope to work with you again in the future!  Many, many thanks. “

—Bea H., Resume Writer

“Thank you very much, Brian. I was very pleased with the process and amthoroughly pleased with the final products. Thanks for the three formats!”