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January 2018

A New Year, A New You

We're proud to announce our first event of the year at the Maine Headshot Studio:  a day of portrait sessions good for anyone who is looking to start out the new year by putting their best face forward. Whether you're looking for a headshot for business, for your acting or modeling career, or to represent [...]

July 2016

Meet Crystal Williams: Poet, writer, speaker, administrator

Crystal Williams recently spent time in the studio working with us to produce a series of looks for use with here various brands.   Williams is an associate vice president and chief diversity officer for Bates College, positions she's held there since 2013.    As if those roles aren't multi-faceted enough, Williams is a creative writing [...]

March 2016

A new look for Maine Headshot

  We're excited to officially launch our new website this week, courtesy of MaggPress. Our old design was getting outdated but we wanted to retain the look that our clients like while making it easier for them to use. The new site is clean, fast and updated with eye-catching recent work.  More importantly, it's got [...]

February 2015

MH February Newsletter Now Available

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February Special: Show your love— or maybe just your respect!

Whether it's your soul-mate, your desk-mate, or your best-mate, we want to meet them this month!  Schedule your February headshot with MH at the downtown Portland studio and get a buy one, get one free deal on our Entrepreneur Package for $250. That's right!  Bring a friend and share the session! Two professional headshot sessions for the price [...]

January 2015

December 2014

Thanks, 2014. It’s been crazy.

Brian and I had a startling revelation just the other day. We poked our heads up from our usual large pile of work for a breath of fresh air and someone informed us that it was December.  I was sure it was still June (though that would explain while it's dipping down to the 30s [...]

June 2014

Simple posing tips to make your headshots amazing

Professional models know the secret already:  amazing portraits have very little to do with physical looks.  Obviously, shapes and sizes vary, and not everyone comes equipped with supermodel proportions.  But everyone has a little bit of 'model' inside.   It just take a little coaxing and coaching to help that model make an appearance. If [...]

May 2014