We’re excited to officially launch our new website this week, courtesy of MaggPress. Our old design was getting outdated but we wanted to retain the look that our clients like while making it easier for them to use.
The new site is clean, fast and updated with eye-catching recent work.  More importantly, it’s got some major improvements under the hood: it’s responsive, which means it’s fully optimized for display on mobile devices.  MaggPress also did an analysis of our old site, finding that it often took up to four clicks to go to a destination, and redesigned things so that the site flow is more intuitive and easier to access and use.

Please take a look at some of our recent work and testimonials. While we specialize in studio portrait photography for business and actors, we also take our show on the road—either setting up the studio in locations from Augusta to Portsmouth, NH—or photographing outside of the studio.

Our site has changed, but we still offer amazing ‘portraits that work’—images of you or your staff that do the heavy lifting of promoting your brand online or off, 24 hours a day. Drop us a line or an email if you have questions or comments!