Professional hair and makeup matters

A common question I get here in the studio is, ‘Do you recommend professional hair and makeup services?”  I do.

Obviously, these services are not required, and I can do a great job with lighting, posing and even post-production that will help you look your best.

However, I still recommend hair and makeup–whether done here in the studio or by a preferred person elsewhere before your session.   A good stylist will bring out your best features and minimize any problem areas in ways that look better and more natural than using Photoshop.  Something about having someone there to primp and work on you makes people feel special, and this alone usually results in a better experience and great results.

Rather than talk about it, here’s a good example of a before-and-after shot (thanks, Frankee!).  Notice especially her skin, hair and eyes once Laura, our stylist, does her magic.  Laura is great at the natural look our clients prefer.   Note:  Lighting and clothing are also important factors in the final look of a headshot portrait, but much of the ‘polish’ of the final image is due to styling.